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I enjoy creating paintings and drawings from life's experiences and I am inspired by things that I see around me.

I experiment a lot with colors and different techniques. How I interpret my work from what I see and hear pretty much depends on my mood at the time I create the piece.

Color, light and shape plays an important roll in my work.

Some of my pieces are created on an impulse moment. This is where I have the need to create an art piece, the piece will then just develop from a single mark on the surface. When I create an impulse piece it really amazes me at what I have created.

With other pieces I would be thinking about the concept, contemplate the medium and the different steps that I would be taking to create the piece. This thought process would often take me months before I even make one mark on the surface, however when I start the art piece the process from beginning to completion is usually quick. Sometimes during the process I would change factors in the art piece as I go along, for the most part the completed piece might be completely different to that of what I have been contemplating for all of those months, and sometimes it would be exactly as I have envisioned it.