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Each image may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more! Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. PRINTS WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE AFTER ORIGINAL HAS BEEN SOLD

About Mary Rimmell


To understand my artwork, you need to get to know me. To start off, I was born in South Africa, but while growing up, I went to boarding school in Namibia and then lived majority of my young life in Botswana.
I lived a very carefree childhood. I had wide open spaces to play, explore, and let my imagination run wild. My parents were not artistic as you would think as my artistic connections, but they were very crafty people that worked well with their hands.
Flash forward to when I was ten years old. I was in my art class doing my grid project of a clown. The teacher graded my work once it was completed and said it was a great piece, and that someday, I could become a really great artist. That was the day that I decided that I wanted to be an artist.
The major influences of my artwork would have to be impressionism. There is so much one could interpret or feel from an impressionistic art piece. But currently, my really good artist friend, Mary Beth Schiros, is the influence on my art.
   "I met the Artist Mary Rimmell as a business woman and teacher, when she had a local art supply store.  Having studied and painted with Mary for years, I know she is an adventurous perfectionist.  There is a boldness in her abstract style, yet tempered by her master skill in drawing.  The two skills, abstract painting and technical drawing combine in such a way, that Mary’s abstract paintings have definition of theme and concept.  Also, Mary’s work often shows inspiration from her life in South Africa, showing in the rich warm color choices and airy mood of her art work.  Knowing Mary, I would say she will always follow a path of invention of styles and techniques. Even with diversity, there will be the unifying base to art by Mary, due to her strong drawing and design skills.  Art by Mary Rimmell is inspiring and bold" - Mary Beth Schiros

I never got any awards for my artwork, or belonged to any organization while in South Africa. But I did have a very successful show in Gaborone, Botswana and then after that I was featured in a 1999 “Sun” critique. When we moved to Grand Blanc MI, I joined the Grand Blanc Arts Council for a brief period.
Knowing that I am from Africa and how I grew up; you can see where all my passion of wildlife, and african influences came from. The wildlife of Africa is my true inspiration for my work.
In the present day, I am residing in Grand Blanc, Michigan with my beautiful family. When I am not dedicating my time to art, I am running, gardening, or hiking outside.
My current job is being an interior designer, and I am loving it. I work a lot with color, proportions, and balance in my design work which is the same elements that are used in art, therefore the two careers works well together. I get a lot of practice with these elements, so when I create an art piece the elements come more naturally to me.
Over the years my style has changed a lot and improved tremendously. Although I am still very passionate about painting African wildlife, landscapes and cultures, I have found that I have started to enjoy abstract work a lot.
Even with these I still manage to bring the African flare into my pieces. I am currently exploring my "circular phase" and find that I am constantly finding myself thinking of circles, and how to create a piece with them. They have a very calming effect on me. My main mission as an artist is to bring joy to a person when they look upon my artwork. I want them to feel passion, happiness, and curiosity when they look at my artwork. Just ask Lyric, "Mary Rimmell's art flows with creativity and invites the art enthusiast to join her on an adventure of color and texture. We are thrilled to display her art in our home!" -Mrs Lyric Walsh and Mike "Mary Rimmell embraces the freedom of imagination with an intensity unmatched. Her abstracts are full of bold textures and colorful surprises that dance right of the canvas and into your heart! Mary's ability to create from mind to brush is unmatched. She has a passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world and within the human spirit" - Dr Michael Walsh.
Now that you know more about where I come from, and who I am as an individual, I hope that it has enhanced your understanding of my artwork.


I have 20+ years of experience as an artist. From a young age I have always set a goal for myself to become proficient in all mediums and forms of art. For me that was a example of a good well rounded artist.
However, it has only been recently that I feel I have come full circle with my work. The piece "Starry Starry Night" here on the website is the turning point in my career as an artist. While creating this piece of work I felt a sense of peace with myself; a sense of understanding myself, my style of work and accepting my work the way it was. Realizing that my work is perfect, it is who I am.
When I started this piece I really challenged myself to just let go, not think about the process. I had some really heavy metal turned up and I just let the music lead me. When I finally stood back I had a wild crazy combination of colors and shapes on the canvas. I set it aside for a couple of days, which in reality was torture for me as I was itching to just get back to it.
As I stood in front of this piece again I realized that I had to bring it back from the wild side. So with some calm soothing music playing in the back ground I brought this piece back to what we see today.
This piece brought me to realizing that letting go and enjoying the process of a piece is what it is all about. That enjoyment will then translate to the viewer without any effort.