The Importance Of Developing Drawing Skills

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The Importance Of Developing Drawing Skills

As an artist and a private art teacher, I have been asked many times "why is drawing an important foundation to develop?" or students get frustrated when their paintings do not materialize as they envisioned it. Often it is due to the lack of being able to draw.

Learning and practicing the basic foundations such as value, tone and composition of drawing is very important to developing your skills as a well-rounded artist.

Yes, it is true that each experienced artist has very different ways of teaching the drawing basics, however we all get the same finished drawing in the end.

I find that it is very important to always learn from other artist, no matter how accomplished you are or how new you are to the world of creating art. Learning from different artist helps in processing the same technique but in a different ways, and some people have very different learning and processing capacities. Widening your range of teachers and instructors only adds to your own experience in making art a pleasurable experience.

In today's world it is so much easier with technology. You are able to see so many artists teaching techniques on YouTube, online private lessons, and traveling has made it easier to attend workshop and shows.

The following YouTube video by Mark Fehlman on "Design Strategies for powerful paintings" is excellent.

He really rakes the time to explain the different composition techniques, and I like the uncomplicated manner that he uses. He also takes the time to explain tones and value and the important role it plays in a good painting.

Being a self-taught artist, this is just one example on how I have been improving my artistic skill over the last 20 plus years. I received the basic drawing skill during High School and my teacher at the time was a practicing artist. And he really took the extra time to focus on our drawing skills. However, I continued to practice regularly what I have learned and watched and learned from other artist.